If you want to buy unlisted Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd shares from the top broker, you should know all about its services and the funds raised to do it with the confidence of getting high returns. OFCL is not another financial company but a multi-service provider to foreign and domestic clients, providing them with many income streams and continuously ensuring future growth. Also, to expand its services to more corporates in India and worldwide, Orbis is raising its capital from marquee investors, rights issues, ESOP, etc. Hence, Orbis unlisted share price trading only around Rs. 60 in 2022 has given considerable returns to investors to trade now around Rs. 280 and to go up further in the future. 

So, check out the many services Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd provided as steady income sources for increasing its share price, along with the many funds raised to expand its business exponentially. 

What are the services provided by Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd?

OFCL, or Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd, started in 2005 and began its many financial services in 2009 to be the custodians, clearing agents, trustees, share transferers, and many others. Let us check each one in detail to know its income stream is continuously growing every year. 

  • As a registered DDP or dedicated depository participant with SEBI, I help foreign investors invest considerable amounts in India easily, quickly, and safely through the FPI or foreign portfolio investors route.
  • As a registered PCM or professional clearing member of NSE, BSE, MSEI, and MCX, I help clients to have real-time updates of the margin and position with the capability to handle huge volumes with an advanced technology platform to report daily activity and open positions along with collateral management
  • As a SEBI-licensed RTA or registrar and transfer agent, provide the entire RTI or registrar to an issue and STA or share transfer agents to increase revenue
  • SEBI registered custodians offer custody and depository services customized to the client’s needs to manage the investing operations efficiently. 
  • Offer escrow services for efficient FX or foreign exchange execution for investors to convert currencies through AD or authorised dealer banks. 
  • With cutting-edge technology developed, the online portal offers fund accounting and customer reporting services, ad hoc support like tax reporting, and many others.

What funds were raised by Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd?

In its financial services journey for around one and a half decades, OFCL has raised funds from marquee and foreign investors to expand the business to increase revenue and profit. Apart from raising over Rs. 22 crore through rights to existing shareholders and ESOP, it got Rs. 102 crore from Ashish Kacholia in December, raising its value to 2,000 crore rupees. Also, its unlisted share price rose from 175 in December 2023 to Rs. 280 in March 2024.


So, from the above facts, you should know all about how Orbis Financial Corporation provides many services to domestic and foreign clients to increase its PAT year after year and also how it continuously raises funds to buy its unlisted shares from renowned online platforms to yield windfall profits.  

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