The majority of homeowners know they should contact a pest control professional at some point. However, do you know which pest issues must be addressed by professionals and what you can take care of on your own? Termites are quite common in Seattle. However, a lot of destructive pests are skilled at hiding. As a homeowner, you need to know what exactly to look for when you inspect your house for pests. Also, you must understand when you call an exterminator in Seattle for help. Below are signs you should contact a pest control company:

Spotting Mud Tubes

Termites travel between their nest and your house through mud tubes. Often, these tubes are the first sign of a termite issue you can spot. You can find these mud tubes by examining your home’s foundation, including the block walls. Check the visible support beams in your house. Seeing long dried or dirty mud tubes indicates the presence of termites in your house.

Termites are quite destructive. Thus, you need to be vigilant about examining your house regularly for termites and take measures by having a professional inspection done every year. Also, you can install termite barriers around your house. 

Bed Bugs are Infesting Your House

Bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers that can be introduced to your house through luggage following a trip or if you have visitors. These bugs can get into your house through used clothing, furniture, and mattresses.

Adult bed bugs usually come out at night to feed on your blood while you are sleeping. You may realize you have a bed bug issue if you end up with bites on your skin. Usually, these bites are present in clusters or tiny lines on the skin. But they don’t cause allergic reactions in many people. If you have a bed bug issue, contact an expert who has special equipment to eliminate these unwanted guests. 

You See Mice Droppings and Live Mice

Mice leave droppings behind wherever they go. You may overlook droppings on the floor; however, finding some on top of your cooker or at the back of your oven indicates a mouse issue. The more droppings you can find behind appliances, the longer the problem has been going on. The safest thing to do is to contact a mouse exterminator. 

Roaches are Everywhere 

You usually don’t know the main cause of an illness, so you go to your doctor for treatment. For instance, asthma can be triggered by many allergens like mice hairs and cockroach droppings. Your doctor may provide alleviating treatments without being clear on the underlying cause. 

One sign of a roach infestation is the presence of black dots at the back of your refrigerator. Also, there is a typical odor related to these pests; however, not all people recognize this for what it is. Other signs of a roach infestation that require professional intervention include seeing egg cases or dead roaches. No matter the activity level you discover, you must not spray roach killers because they will flush the pests toward your neighbors. While spraying will kill a lot of roaches, it won’t reach their breeding sites.